Tuesday, August 20, 2013

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How to deal with idiot parents who know nothing about raising a child


Just when I thought some people couldn't get any dumbererererer, I come across some really dumb parents at the pier tonight.  I was there with some friends, minding my own business, when their kid kept coming up to us and wanted to play.  Fine, the kid was cute, so why not.  The parents were not watching him.  For all they knew, I could have kidnapped him!  So finally, as the amazing Nanny that I am, I went over and gave the kid back.  Like "here's your kid."  I also noticed in the kids bottle...yes a bottle, was a yellowish substance, kind of like Mountain Dew.  The kid was well over 2 years old and still using a bottle.  Don't people know that by 1 year, the bottle should be gone?  

Anyway, so this Mountain Dew substance actually turned out to be Mountain Dew!!!!  Um. It was 8:30pm.  First of all, why isn't your kid in bed?  And 2nd, why the F is your baby drinking that awful substance?  I mean, how dumb can two people be?  Why don't you go buy your kid a pack of cigarettes and some beer and call it a night?  

So when I said to the parents "oh no wonder he's bouncing off the walls!" they looked at me like I was the idiot.  No, I'm not going to keep my mouth shut.  I told them that they were awful parents for letting their kid drink that crap.  But seriously.  

Do not EVER give your kid soda.  Caffeine free or not.  You deserve to have your kid given to the state. 

How to tell if your kid likes your Nanny

It's not always easy to match two different personalities together and have them learn to like each other for 10 hours a day for 5 days.  But in the end, the child has to be happiest, not you(the parents).  Here are a few ways to know if your kid are happy with their Nanny.

1) Your child is excited to see her each morning.  

2) Your child expresses that Nanny is fun.

3) If you have a baby, the baby seems happy and is for the most part, in a great mood. 

4) A positive Nanny makes everyone happy and feel at ease.  

5) And lastly, it's okay if your child says that they love their Nanny.  You want that!


One time(I'm sure it was many times, but this time in particular), I  was really pissed at my family.  Not only did they suck huge monkey balls, but that day, they decided to NOT walk their dog.  So, what was all over the floor when I walked in that morning?  Yep, dog shit everywhere.  Two piles, which meant that they didn't feel like taking the thing out the night before and that morning.  I was disgusted and PISSED.  The mom left for the day, the dad was rarely home(the wall street dude) and it was just me and the one kid.  Who was a baby and crawled and put everything in her mouth!  

So, since I was the mom/dad, housekeeper, nanny, butler, dog walker, grandma, grandpa, and everything else in between, I ruled the house.  My way or the highway. I was doing some of the FAMILY laundry and decided to pick up the dog crap with the father's clean underwear and put the poop in the toilet.  I went on my merry way and put the now dirty underwear in the father's clean drawer.  So, he wore "clean" underwear with dog poop on it.  HA!  In your face, cheap rich dad!  

What do you think of THAT?!?!


I can't help but laugh everytime I walk into a new apartment and see the Organic items that people choose to buy for their kids.  Come on, organic pasta?  And don't even get me started on organic diapers.  I get it, it's the new fad.  But I can't take seriously the families who are all "my kid eats organic french fries and pancakes" and other random foods.  If you choose to be "organic" then stop being faux and buy everything organic!  And better yet, make sure your kid doesn't eat at restaurants that aren't organic because then what's the point?  Or how about the parents that become organic when their kid starts to eat table food?  Did they drink organic formula?  Or Moms, if you breastfeed, is your entire diet organic?  Your answer is most likely "no" to all of these questions. And to top it off!...once your kid knows how awesome MickeyD's is, they are going to eat all of the Big Mac's in the world.  Eating organic is not proven to be better.  Start your kids off eating healthy.  Go organic if everything will be organic.  If you are a half organic family, you should be laughing at yourselves!  

If you and your family only eat SOME organic food, why? 


August 19, 2013

Thank you to the awesome Nanny that emailed me this information.  

Nanny Description: West Indian, glasses, tall
Kid Description: Blonde hair, female, no name

I know this could be anyone.  They were crossing the street at the library crossing.  Parents, please be aware!  This Nanny almost crossed as a car was speeding by.  

Email me at HobokeNannySpy@gmail.com if you think this could be your child.