Friday, August 16, 2013



The amount of playdate's that I have taken the kid(s) on is insane.  It's like all they want are playdates with kids that they never get along with.  They fight about what toy to play with and why Johnny won't play with the toy Joey wants to play with and blah blah blah.  Why can't siblings play with each other and only children play with their imaginary friends?  Play with your friends at school and make new friends at the park.  Forget this "Playdate" crap.  It's so corny to call it that anyway.  Remember when we could just say "Can I go to Kristen's house?" Hoboken has become notorious for using the word "Playdate" and it makes me cringe!  And what's worse for the Nanny is that I actually have to find stuff to talk about with the other Nanny, or God forbid, Mom.  I mean most of the time Nannies talk about the family we work for.  

And by the way, when there's an older kid in the picture and they have to be picked up from school during a playdate, don't think about leaving the other one the playdate.  I don't get paid extra to watch more kids.  It's your kid, Nanny(or Mom)! 



There are plenty of Nannies in Hoboken.  Sometimes Nannies are in bad situations, while others are doing an excellent job.  So now the Hoboken community should know!  If you see a good or bad Nanny, send me an email and I'll post it.  The parents have the right to know.  The more specific, the better!


God.  Just thinking about this woman makes me annoyed.  

Many moons, 8 years ago, I was nannying for what seemed to be this really nice family.  Um, yeah.  Weeks go by and I started to get phone calls from the MMM(micro manage mama).  Telling me what to do, where to go, what to eat, how to eat, blah blah blah.  I mean, come on woman, I've been a Nanny for years.  I know how to cook some veggies and I know that kids have to eat the veggies.  I know where to go in Hoboken and which parks are good. It got very annoying, very fast.  Maybe she didn't trust me?  Maybe she thought that I wasn't a good Nanny despite talking to 3 references(all glowing, BTW!)  Who knows.  All I'm saying is, it sucked and I'm sure a working parent would not want their boss in the corporate world to act like that. 

So, Parents, I know it's hard to let another adult take care of your kid(s), but give us Nannies some credit.  We know what we're doing.  We have raised far more kids than you.  Being a Nanny isn't just a person who watches your kids.  Being a Nanny is just like you...except we didn't conceive your kid.  We just love them and take care of them.   A MMM is an awful awful person.  I can't tell if a MMM is better or worse than hell?  It's fine to talk to your Nanny, but don't tell your Nanny what to do. Try not to be a MMM.  It will NOT go over well with your awesome Nanny!

And when I say "we" for us Nannies, I really mean "Me."  Only kidding.  But most of the HobokeNannies.  Some are just awful.


The (Church Square) Park Bench Nannies

Every.Single.Day when I take my charge to Church Square Park, I cringe that I have to walk past the same park bench nannies.  Oh, you don't know what a "Park Bench Nanny" is?  It's your Nanny who is too fat and too lazy to take your kid out of their stroller and actually play with them.  Wait, parents pay their nanny to actually interact, right?  You mean, Nannies aren't getting paid to sit on a park bench and speak their native tongue on the phone???

Nannies, why is it so damn difficult for you to go to Church Square Park and chase around your charges?  I do it. And I absolutely love seeing how happy my charge is! 

The sad thing is...these kids that I walk past, aren't even crying because they are so used to sitting in their stroller in the park.  Do you have any idea how much they would LOVE to go on a swing?  Or what about go down a slide?

It breaks my heart to see these kids sitting in the stroller while their lazy nannies are talking about God knows what, instead of interacting with the children they are supposed to be taking great care of.  

I'm sad for you, parents.