Thursday, November 7, 2013

Daylight Saving Drama

I want to know how everyone has done this week with the adjustment of daylight savings.  The kids hopefully got an extra hour of sleep, but their bodies still think it's one hour later.  There were some meltdowns due to tiredness but that's totally normal.  Anyone else?  

Confessions of a Nanny

I'm bringing up the Micro Manage Mama again.  This woman bothered me and the more I think about her, the more it makes me remember how awful she was.  

Anyway, so one day, she got home from work early.  She said hi to the kids and then disappeared. (Nope, didn't say hi to me) Now remember, these are the kids who just sucked at life and were the brattiest brats ever.  They told me to go home(yes, the brats told me) but then I continued to sit there since we were playing a game.  Like I was going to listen to them, but I wish I would have.  So, the MMM disappeared and the kids were like WTF.  So, they barged into her room.  What was she doing?  She was watching TV in bed.  Uhhhh, W-T-F WOMAN?  Here I am playing a board game with your brats and you are laying in bed watching TV?????  

So, the kids got in bed with her.  I sat on the couch from 3:30pm-5:30 and did nothing, while the 3 of them slept.  Then at 5:30, the dumb Mom came out and asked if I started dinner.  Obviously I didn't because why would I when everyone was sleeping?  Idiot.  So, at 6:15, the kids got out of bed, and the dinner I made was ready.   Yes, I made dinner while the Mom was home and doing nothing.  Ugh, she sucked so much ass.  

Why did I sit there, all alone for two hours?  Because I'm a loyal and reliable Nanny and since it wasn't my time to leave, I sat there and waited.  

Lazy ass MMM made me so mad that day that two weeks later I gave my two weeks notice.  That's what ya get!

Emailed Topic: Nannying Around Parents

I received this great topic from someone who signed the email as "Nanny in Hoboken."  (I'm totally fine with not signing your given name, by the way.)

Let's talk about this.  Nannying with Parents around can be explained like this: when working in corporate world, it's very uncomfortable having your boss around, right?  So, Nannying with your boss around is no exception.  It's kind of like, we do things one way, and the Parents do things another way, so when everyone is around, the kid becomes a doofus.  Kids don't know who to ask so they can get the outcome they want, and it's a Disaster with a capital D.  As I've said before, kids are different people around different adults.    

My belief is that if Parents are going to be around with Nanny, they either need to completely take care of the kids or they need to be invisible.  Meaning, go in your room and don't come out or go somewhere for the day.  The worst thing to deal with is a crying, whining child whose Mom or Dad keep walking in and out of the room.  It's like a big tease for the kids.  

This topic also brings me to the Stay at Home Mom who has a Nanny or a Sitter to watch the kid(s) while Mom does house chores.  No, it can't work like that.  Especially on a rainy day like today.  If the child doesn't understand that Mom will be around, it makes it very difficult for the Caregiver to be able to have fun with the child.  

A child doesn't want the Nanny, they want the Parent.  Remember that!