Saturday, November 9, 2013

If Parents have a negative view on having a Nanny...what about this article?

Daycares have negative outcomes, too.

Email: This Poor Boy

I got an email from a Manny!  He lives and works in Hoboken.  His name is Eric.  Meet Eric.

Here's his question:

"Hoboken Nanny, I am a part time Manny to an awesome little dude.  He is 6.  I pick him up from school and hang out with him until about 7pm everyday.  His Parents wanted a Manny because the dad works long hours and is rarely around.  I love this kid.  I get really sad for him when he talks about the things he wants to do with his dad and I know that it won't happen.  I know it's not my business to talk to the dad but I can't help but feel pure sadness.  How can I get rid of these feelings?"

Eric, this is one of the worst situations.  My advice is to just be there for him.  Listen to what he wants to do with his Dad.  If he doesn't get to do these things with him then you can try and do them with him.  If it involves going somewhere and you're unable to go to that place, then just remember that it's out of your hands.  Try to make everyday together a fun day.  You are his father figure, but not his dad.  If his dad can't make time for him then try to fulfill those expectations.  They chose you for a reason!