Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Bad Nanny Sighting

When: Tuesday, August 27th
Where: Columbus Park
Nanny: African American, medium build
Kids: Twin boys, and another blonde boy, 2-3 years old

Situation: The Nanny was sitting on a bench while all three boys were sitting in the stroller.  She was eating lunch and had one head phone in her ear, talking on the phone.  The boys were sitting in the stroller doing nothing while she was on the phone and eating.  She started to feed them lunch after 20 minutes, little pieces at a time, in the stroller.  After about an hour, she let them out of the stroller and play at the park. She was not interactive whatsoever.


Email from a Hoboken Nanny

"I cringe when I hear other Nannies and parents say "we" when referring to their kid(s).  Say he or she.  There is no "we" unless it's about everyone."

I totally agree with you, other Hoboken nanny!  
Paid Days Off

So, I work a long day.  My free time, just like everyone else, is VERY precious.  I don't get much time off.  And when I do, I expect to be told in a timely manner in case I want to plan a weekend away.  One of my biggest peeves about Parents in this town is that they think the only people that exist are them.  It's not always the case, and they are a lovely family with their two gorgeous kids, but if they give me a random Friday off, I'd like to know before Thursday at 5:30pm.  Is that too much to ask for?  Because there goes my extravagant trip to Bora Bora for the weekend!(yeah right!)  

But really, Parents, it's out of common courtesy and respect to let your Nanny enjoy her precious day off.  One day here, a week in the winter there, we need to be recharged.  We are also here for you, so taking days off is sometimes out of the question.  And I know you take the time to talk to your Nanny about this and every family is different, but pay your Nanny on her day off!  She will love you forever!