Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Baby Nurse vs. Nanny

I'm feeling a little nostalgic today.  

I was thinking back to when the baby was born.  The family had a baby nurse for the first child, so naturally, the second child also had a baby nurse.  So, here we were.  A mom home, a dad home for 2 weeks, a baby nurse for 2 weeks, and me.  Why?  I can say with so much confidence that those were the worst 2 weeks of my life.  It was basically me vs. the baby nurse who had zero experience with older kids but thought she was the sh*t with newborns.  Uhh, I would have to say "you're wrong."  The parents of my family absolutely loved this woman.  I still don't see why.  

First of all, parents, you have an amazing NANNY(me).  Second, did you even realize that the baby "nurse" isn't even a certified nurse?  Therefore, why didn't you pay me $2,000 to wake up and feed the baby? Because I certainly would have done it.  But because she was called a "nurse" it made you think that she was some high almighty who did wonders to your kid.  Again, I'd have to say "you're wrong." 

 A baby nurse does nothing compared to a Nanny.  Some people try to justify paying so much money by thinking she puts a newborn on a schedule.  Nope, she doesn't.  She feeds on demand and let's be real, a newborn has NO schedule.  

Parents, so next time you decide to hire a baby "nurse" when you have a Nanny, ask your Nanny if she'd be interested in doing it and getting the money.  I am sure she would say yes.  And if she doesn't want to, hire the baby "nurse" and give your Nanny off for the two weeks.  
The Overnight Nanny

The other day, my family asked me if I would be available to watch the kids for a whole weekend in December.  I, of course, said yes!  But then they asked me my rate.  So I told them that I expect an hourly rate of $X, plus the cost of food and spending money to do fun things with the kids, if I decided to do that. They said that was reasonable.  

But today, they told me that they were no longer going away.  

I am annoyed because the money was going to be nice.  But, I can't help but think if they decided not to because the amount was so much.  My past experience was exactly what I asked for and it was fine.  

Some people argue that there should be a set rate for a weekend overnight type of deal.  I personally think that since  I am the only person in the apartment watching them, the rate should be hourly.  I've also heard of people reducing the rate when kids are asleep but what happens if there's a fire?  Or what if one of the kids wakes up...do I have to go get them?  Obviously, yes, I will.  But the price of good care should never be contradicted.  I don't want to sound greedy, but with my experience, I think that the going rate in Hoboken is comparable to what I asked.  

Has anyone ever been in this situation?  

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Childcare Mistakes
Part II

There are a lot of working parents in Hoboken with very serious jobs.  In the evening and on weekends, when I'm walking around town and see these parents, I often see them on their phones.  Whether it's at the park or a restaurant, most parents rarely have interaction with their kid...at least from what I see outside of their apartment.

Which brings me to childcare mistake 2: Not having fun with your offspring.

Your kid looks up to you and always wants your attention.  Have fun with them!  Act silly and messy. If you have a baby, let them play with crap that your type A personality may not like.  If you have older kids, go roll in the grass with them at the pier.  Weekends are for fun!  

Kids will remember whether you were always on your phone or if you put the phone down and had fun.  

Make M-E-M-O-R-I-E-S!