Saturday, November 2, 2013

Halloween Sightings

I really had a wonderful time with my charges on Halloween.  They were so adorable in their costumes.  I took them to the parade and we did some trick-or-treating on Washington before the Parents came to meet us and they continued through the evening.  Washington was full of adorable ghouls and really couldn't have been anymore crowded.  Nonetheless, it was Halloween!  

Let me go over things I saw:

-Lots of Nannies taking their charges trick-or-treating

-Lots of Nannies being slaves and pushing strollers while Parents take the kids trick-or-treating.  Really, Parents?  Let your Nanny leave early. 

-Parents unable to handle their children

-The parade sucked.  Seriously.  Two floats?  Lame.

-Awful candy given out on Washington.  Cheapskate stores.  

The Importance of Having the Same Nanny/Babysitter

It is very important that Parents understand that children love consistency.  Having the same Nanny for as long as you can is very important for a child's development.  It's great when a child can easily say bye in the morning when Parents leave.  Some people may think that if they have a different Nanny every year or multiple Sitters, it will help their child gain independence.  However, having different people come into your children's lives isn't healthy.  It doesn't let them develop a healthy attachment.  

So, here's some good advice on helping maintain a Nanny or Babysitter.  

1) Sometimes a Nanny or Sitter may quit because of lack of respect.  Be respectful to them.  It's not about how the kids treat the Nanny/Sitter, it's about 98% how the Parents treat her.  Parents say "thank you" and overall, ask how the Nanny/Sitter is.  Be interested in her life.  

2)  Treat the Nanny/Sitter well.  Meaning, respect.  If your kids say rude things, back up the Nanny, not your kids.  For example, if your child becomes a devil when a Parent is around and say things like "I don't like her" to your Sitter, it is the Parents obligation to knock it off.  When Parents don't show respect to the Nanny/Sitter, the kids won't. 

3)  Stop being cheap.  You get what you pay for.  Want a fantastic, reliable Caregiver?  Pay like you want one.  

4) Don't micro manage.  No one likes that person.  

5)  Your Nanny/Sitter's word should always be the right word.  Believe her.  You hired her because you trust her.  
Pooping Your Pants

A long long time ago, I Nannied for a family with two awful brats.  I'm not just calling them brats to be funny.  They were truly awful brats.  They were the worst when the Parents were around and just completely disrespectful.  

One day, we were on a playdate and the 5 year old girl decided to poop her pants.  No big deal.  It happens.  So, I cleaned her up and borrowed some clothes to get home in.  I put the dirty clothes in a plastic bag.  Everything was fine.  So, as you know from previous posts, the Mom was the Micro Manage Mama.  (I think I wrote about her in August.  The one who always called on my off time, who would tell me what the kids can eat..blah blah.)  We got home.  I made dinner, gave the kids a bath, everyone was great.  While the Mom was on her way home, she called me(as usual) and asked how the playdate was.  I told her that X pooped her pants and it was no big deal.  From the time we hung up to the time she got home, she had called the playdate Mom to see how I handled the situation.  Are you f'ing kidding me, lady?  Did I not just tell you that everything was fine????  The Mom got home and had the BALLS to tell me that she spoke with the playdate Mom to see how it went.  F YOU!  No wonder I quit!

Parents, if you don't trust your Nanny, DON'T HAVE A NANNY.