Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Emailed Confessions of a Nanny
 Part X

This is a great topic because I am happy to see that other Nannies experience this.  This email is from a Hoboken Nanny named Simmy. 

"Most days when I get to work, on the kitchen table are personal documents.  Bank statements, bills, blood work results, the list goes on.  I don't know why the Parents feel the need to lay these out in the open.  I wonder if they think that I don't look.  I guess they don't care that I see how much money is in their bank account or their tax forms for the year at tax time with their salary on it.  I'm happy with it because now I know how much I can ask for when my raise comes around.  But it's none of my business, Parents, to know that you have an STD and that your bank account has $1,000 in it.  But thanks for letting me know."