Friday, September 6, 2013

I'm going to the Italian Festival tonight. 

Who else will be there??

One thing I noticed about being a Nanny is that I am either the first or second mother to the children, depending how close they are with their own Mom.  If Mom is a great Mom, then I am second in command.  If Mom is more of a friend to her kids, then I am first.  It just kind of works that way.  Who instills the best values.  While I don't mean that in a bad way, there are parents out there who really rely on their Nanny to be a parent.  

That being said, let me talk about Childcare Mistake 1. 

When you have a baby, around 5-6 months, they start trying real foods.  And as they get older, it's up to the parents or Nanny to give them a variety of foods.  The biggest mistake is not giving your child different foods while they are a baby.  Expand their palettes.  If it were up to them, they would eat mac and cheese for every meal, every single day.  But it should not be up to the them. Who wants to make three different dinners as they get older?  Not this Nanny...and I'm sure not you, Mom and Dad!  Start it at 9 months old when they can start eating chunks of adult food.  Little pieces of pasta, little pieces of steak.  They CAN eat it. 

Kids should eat what the parents (or Nanny) eat!

Last night while walking around, I saw a truly amazing and ballsy father.  Riding down 6th Street. His BABY was in a bike seat in front of him.  Ok, safe so far.  The BABY was about 8-10 months old.  Definitely not 1 yet.  With no helmet.  The dad was wearing a helmet.  But not the baby.  
Is it just me or is this a recipe for disaster?  Sorry, the roads in Hoboken are uneven and the sidewalks aren't much better.

 Hoboken Dad, come on!  Get your baby a helmet before you decide to go for another dangerous ride with your most precious cargo!