Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Hoboken Favor

Being a Nanny, I do a lot of stuff for the Parents that I shouldn't. I know that if I didn't work in Hoboken, I wouldn't have to deal with grocery deliveries, missed packages, or even a milk run to the bodega next door.  I guess since I'm around all day with the kids, I have to do these things.  

But let me tell you. I do not enjoy doing these things. 

Why would I want to unpack YOUR groceries or wait around all day for a package that you should have sent to YOUR office.  I was hired to be a Nanny, not a house manager.  If you want me to be a house manager, I want a salary of at least $120k and a vacation home in the Bahamas.  

Please do me a favor: when I do YOUR favors, acknowledge how helpful I am. If I go above and beyond, buy me a gift card to DD or just tell me how much you appreciate me. Since you make me stay at home with two kids on a gorgeous fall day, I would love to hear how grateful you are of me for waiting and unpacking. 

Is that so difficult?

Stupid Parents

In past years, I would occasionally babysit for another family on weekends.  And because it was a weekend, the parents would offer me wine and beer.  While I appreciate the fact that they felt comfortable with me having a glass of wine, I always felt that it was inappropriate.  I was working so therefore, why would I drink?  If I wanted to drink, I wouldn't have been babysitting and instead, I would be getting trashed on Washington Street.  

I know that parents drink, but the point is, parents CAN drink because it's their kids.  Also, why would I risk having a drink on the job?  I mean, can you imagine if there was a Nanny Cam?  Do you even realize what a parent can do with that video?  I can see the headlines now "Babysitter drinking on the job!"  

Yes, just what I need.  

Nannies, have you ever been offered alcohol on the job?  Did you drink it?