Saturday, September 7, 2013

Nanny Appreciation

As I sit here on the Pier on this beautiful Saturday, I wonder if the family I that Nanny for really appreciates me.  Sure, they always say thank you.  They gave me a holiday bonus last year.  But do they really notice everything I do for them...the little things that I do to make their life easier when they get home from work.  And best yet, do they see how much their children have grown and how much they have learned?  I want to believe that they do see all of this.  Like how much better the older boy is eating now that I've been in the picture.  Or that the baby reaches every milestone far ahead of "schedule."  Maybe they don't notice, but I think that they are hands on enough that they do.  But maybe they also think that THEY did these things for their kids.  That THEY got their kid to eat veggies and fruits and try things beyond grilled cheese and mac and cheese.  Or that THEY spent hours hanging on the floor while the baby did tummy time.  I don't know.  

But like any job, it would be nice to hear the acknowledgement. It's not just a Nanny that wants to hear this.  Every person who works loves positive reinforcement.  But when a family has a Nanny that develops their most prized possession, families should take a time to reflect and really think about how good or bad their Nanny is.  If your Nanny is amazing, tell her how much you appreciate her.  And even give her a gift.  

Children at The Festival

1) I saw a 7 year old sitting in a stroller watching a DVD.  Uhhhh...say what?  Your almost tween is too lazy to walk?  

2) A Nanny/babysitter eating while the kid was walking next to her...not eating.  It was dinner time!  Where is his dinner?

3) An unbelievable amount of tantrums.  Why?  Because it was late and the kids were sugared up on zeppoles and then crashed.  I understand a good time on a Friday night, but come on.  Go to the festival.  Eat. And take your kids home to bed.  Despite the awful music there last night, the sound of your crying kids ruins the Friday night fun.  

Any other fun things you saw?  And by fun, I don't really mean fantastic things.  I also mean annoying people, kids, Nannies!