Tuesday, October 15, 2013


I was hanging out in Church Square with the runts this afternoon.  There was a Nanny there with a little blonde girl, I think her name was something with a "B." The Nanny was African American. They had a navy Bugaboo stroller.  The Nanny did not say one word to the girl for the entire hour that we were there.  And then I realized that the Nanny had her earbuds in!!!!  Please tell me why would a Nanny need her buds in while at a park?  Also, this Nanny was not watching this little girl.  God forbid the girl need her Nanny and she was screaming but the Nanny couldn't even hear her because her headphones were in her ears!

If anyone knows this Nanny and the family that she Nannies for, someone please tell the Parents.  There is no reason to have buds in anytime during the work day.