Friday, January 24, 2014

Want To Know What Annoys Me?

 When you Parents take snow days. 

How about you give ME a snow day?

Do you really think that I want to make the effort to come to work when your ass is staying home?  


Playrooms in Buildings

Could one small room be as disgusting as these playrooms?  I can't tell you how many countless hours I spend in these playrooms during this awful cold weather, but these rooms are petri dishes of vomit, boogers, and fecal matter.

Maxwell Place is the worst.  We were just there for a playdate.

Not only is it because it's Winter and everyone is sick, but my you Nannies and Parents EVER wipe your kids nose?  I mean, is it that hard to do?  

I once asked a Dad to wipe his kids nose.  His response was "I just can't keep up with it."  

Yes you can.  Get a tissue or a Boogie Wipe and continually wipe his nose.  No one wants your kids boogers all over the communal toys.   

Let's be normal human beings and keep communal areas free of germs.  Like I normal. 

Friday, January 10, 2014

Things I overheard during the holiday season:
A mom to her 3 year old daughter:  "Does Santa bring you toys or does Daddy?" 

Yes, people, that was serious.  Parents, are you out of your MIND??  Can you please give me one good example why you wouldn't let your children believe in Santa?  Because other than the fact that you suck and you want to keep your kids "honest,"  what's wrong with an imaginary figure?  LET YOUR KIDS BE KIDS AND LET THEM BELIEVE IN SANTA. 
So it's a New Year...

I haven't gotten my New Year raise.