Sunday, October 13, 2013

Mother of the Year

I want to give this very prestigious award to a fantastic Mom of Hoboken.  

She is African American with two kids: a boy who is about 7 years old, and a girl who is about 5 years old. 

Mom, you absolutely suck and deserve to be locked up in jail and have your kids raised by wolves, who would probably be a better parent than you.  

Story:  I saw this woman walking on Washington Street.  The kids were playing a game and running ahead.  This awesome mom was on her phone, barely screaming ahead so the kids would stop.  Finally, after about 4 minutes and still walking slow, the mom gets off her phone and every other word out of her mouth was the f bomb.  "Why these f'in kids always f'in runnin the f ahead...blah blah blah."  So, she finally catches up to her kids.  And she grabs them and starts yelling at them, still with the f word.  Really.  She was cursing like no other at her kids.  I wish a cop was around to cuff her and test her for drugs because it was ridiculously disgusting how she was talking to her kids.  I felt so sad for the kids who had to be surrounded by their mother and her mouth.  Truly a disgusting woman.

Thank you, psycho.  You are the best mom in all of Hoboken!

Also, I hope you aren't a Nanny.  Because I would love to see you talk to another kid like that.  

Bad Kid and Parenting Sighting

On Saturday as I was walking through town, I came across a cute little boy with his mom.  I guess he wanted a chocolate milk and they were outside an establishment on Washington Street that had one.  So, what happens next?  The little boy is supposed to say "thank you so much, Mom.  You're the best!"  Right?  Nope.  This little blonde kid brat throws a huge fit and screams "This isn't what I wanted! Not this chocolate milk!  I don't want that chocolate milk!!!"

The mother proceeded to ask what the little brat wanted and she took him inside to get a different milk. 

Um, excuse me?  

As a Nanny, one of my favorite things to do is watch how Parents interact with their kids.  So, I watched this interaction until they left the scene.

  Ok, so let's talk about what should have REALLY happened here.  

If you're standing on the middle of Washington Street and you let your son talk to you like that, there's a huge red flag that you are a sucky parent.  No kid should talk to an adult like that.

Then, if your kid asks for a chocolate milk and you buy him one(don't even get me started on the purchase of the second one), the kid better have said please and thank you.  If he doesn't, he's a huge rich boy brat and deserves to spend 2 weeks with me and he'll know please and thank you.  Let alone that he should never speak to an adult in that tone.

Lastly, if your kid throws a tantrum over a chocolate milk, there are deeper issues.  Really.  A chocolate milk doesn't vary.  I mean even YooHoo tastes just as good as the Horizon Organic chocolate milk.