Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Leaving Hoboken

Parents, do you let your Nanny take your child out of Hoboken to do something fun?  I have taken my charges to Battery City Park, the Liberty Science Center, and the Central Park Zoo. I am curious if you let your Nanny do the same?  If you don't let your Nanny leave Hoboken, why not?  I understand having a schedule of activities, but if your child doesn't have loads of activities.  It can also be frustating if your child is young or if you have an older child and a newborn, but it's nice to get out of Hoboken once in a while.  I enjoyed it!

Parents & Nanny Discussion

I am thinking about having the first ever  Hoboken Nanny and Parents discussion.  I am curious to know how many people would attend.  Place is TBD and time would be in the evening when Parents get home and Nannies leave to go home.  However, it's not going to be a negative discussion.  More informative with questions and answers.  Also looking at situations, but not towards a specific person.  Any takers?  

Please email me at or comment below if you are interested in attending.  I don't have a set date.  I am just trying to get a feel of how many would attend.  

Rainy Day Activies in Hoboken

First of all, it's not raining yet, so you should be outside.

But when it does rain...

1) Go to the library and read new books.  The library is on Park and 5th.  

2) Have a playdate at another apartment.  If the kids are over their own toys, go play with another kids toys!

3) BAKE!  If the kids aren't old enough, then don't bake.  

4) Have a dance party like I did.  The kids LOVE it. 

5) For an older kid's imagination: tell a fun ghost story.  It's a great way to get a child to ask questions and also amp them for Halloween next week.  And doing the story in a fort is even better!

6) If the Parents allow you to leave Hoboken and the kids are old enough, go to Liberty Science Center.  The Light Rail takes you right to it.  

And for you, Parents, tonight, let your child watch a fun Halloween movie.  Especially if you can't go to the park due to rain this evening, it's okay to let them veg once and a while.