Monday, August 26, 2013

Hoboken Restaurants and The iPad


Everywhere I go, I see Parents hand over the iPad so their kid sits nicely in one of our awesome restaurants here.  Really?  This is what you turn to just so your kid sits in a restaurant?  I get that it's 2013, but teach your kid to sit in a restaurant and color.  Why do they have to be plugged in so much?  Giving them the iPad preps them to always want to be plugged in to their phone as they get older.  Good job, Parents, good job.  Another excellent parenting skill!

Confessions of a Nanny 
Part IV

A few years ago, I nannied for a family where the parents sucked and the little girl was on the autism spectrum.  I knew from the beginning but I wasn't really sure because the parents didn't give her the life tools to survive.  She didn't get enough sleep, her diet consisted of junk food, and she was run ragged everyday.  The parents worked full time and felt guilty.  So, they gave her what she wanted and didn't know that sleep was essential for growing.  Part of me thought it was just poor development due to the parents, but when I came to the picture and got her on as best of a schedule that I could, she still wasn't "right."  I became very attached and worked well beyond my hours to help this little girl.  I would google ways to cope her tantrums and how to help her get over her food issues.  I became VERY attached to her and actually worried about her when I wasn't around.  I absolutely adored this little girl.  I felt that her parents did nothing to help her and I was the only person in her life that made sure she got enough sleep and ate balanced meals.  When I found out that they were moving, I cried for days.  I almost wanted to call childrens services because I was so extremely worried about her future.  Her parents were not bad people, they just shouldn't be parents.  They are friends to her.  The day of the move finally came.  When they left, I went home and sunk into my couch for the rest of the night.  I missed the sweet little girl that had such an impact on me.  

Even though it doesn't seem like Nannies get attached, there's always that one family that we will never forget.  I will never ever forget her.  If I could adopt her, I would.  

Napping on the Job


Sometimes kids are so exhausting that 4 cups of coffee can't keep me awake.  I have two cups in the morning just to jolt me awake.  And then when the kiddos are mixed in, I am ready for bed by 2pm.   Especially since I have to be at work so early.  There have been a few days where I need to take a nap while the kids nap.  Is that acceptable to parents?  I've always set an alarm to make sure I'm up when they are up.  When you're as good of a Nanny as I am, I am always on the go.  So, I feel that if I need to nap while they nap, I should be entitled to it.  

 But I want to know your side, Parents.  Are you comfortable with your Nanny napping while your children nap?  Why or why not?

Does anyone have any juicy babysitting stories from the weekend?  

I do.  

 My friends family called the cops because the mom vandalized one of the bathrooms in the apartment! The parents are going through a bitter divorce.  My poor friend.


How would you like to be involved in that one?