Wednesday, December 4, 2013


I was walking on Hudson Street past a daycare on 4th Street last Wednesday.  I saw a Dad taking one kid into the daycare.  The other kid was sitting in a stroller.  While the Dad went in the daycare to take the one child, he left the other stroller child outside.  Last Wednesday was pretty damn cold.  I stood there watching what the lousy Dad was doing.  He didn't just drop the kid off.  He went INSIDE to the room area.  Can you believe that?  The kid wasn't wearing a hat, just a jacket, and was left outside by himself in the stroller!  

Look, I know you feel safe in this town, but Jesus.  How about you take your kid inside with you?  Not good, Dad.  I didn't get a name but Dad, fess up and tell your wife because I guarantee you didn't tell her you did that!



I love Christmas.  Not just because of the holiday season feeling and the happiness(for the most part) that people have.  But also because I love the imagination part of Christmas.  I love telling my charges about Santa and seeing the pure excitement about him.  I also love telling them that Santa will not bring toys if they are bad.  Well, maybe, I only tell that to the older boy.  
But really, Parents and Nannies, you should be using that "Santa is watching" reason for the entire year.  I wonder how much more well behaved kids would be if Santa was watching them all year???  

I'm going to try it this year. 

Also, a tip for you Nannies and Stay-at-home-Parents:
The Elf on the Shelf goes to the North Pole to report to Santa at nap time.  You'll thank me for this tip!
Thanksgiving Wednesday
(get the picture?  Haha!)

 I worked my usual hours last Wednesday.  And of course, the Dad was home all day and the Mom got home early.  They are usually good about letting me leave when they are home, but for some reason, I had to stay until my regular time to leave.  That annoyed the hell out of me.  Why?  Because the brats got brattier, the Parents sit there and watch TV while I slave around, and why should I have to be there anyway? Can someone tell me?  

Anyway, the Mom wanted to let me leave early but the Dad said "Why should we let her leave?  She's a full time Nanny."  Ummm what's up your ass today, Dad?  And by the way, yes, he said that right in front of me.  I was appalled.  I think the Dad was pissed because he had to take care of his brats for the rest of the week while they were out of town.  Actually, I am confident that is why he was pissed.  He didn't work all day, he literally did nothing but make my life crazy while being home.  

Anyway, what an A-hole. 

 What do you think of his comments?

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