Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Confessions of a Nanny
Part I don't remember

A child's development is my biggest concern.  I spend 50 hours a week with your children.  The least that you people can do is notice how well your children have done over the years.  I have taught them to sleep well, eat well, and now talk and read well, yet you have the balls to try to compare what I've done versus what you've done.  This is not a competition of who teaches what.  We are a team.  I don't care if you taught your kids to say thank you.  WE taught your kids to say thank you.  I also don't care if you took your kids to Pier A to kick a ball.  

Your competition contest makes you look weak and unstable.  Save it.
The Incapable Parents

Sometimes I wonder if the Parents that I work for are as incapable in their jobs as they are as Parents.  Like for instance, they ask the dumbest questions in the world.  "Do we have to bathe him every night?"  And this isn't their first kid.  "Do we need to brush his teeth at night?"  Umm, do you brush your teeth at night?  Did you brush your teeth at night as a kid?  Then, yes.  "What kind of food does he need to eat?"  Umm, he should be getting exposed to everything possible.  And the best is when the older one tells me that his Parents give him soda with dinner!!!!!!!  (By the way, no child should ever be drinking soda.)

I mean, seriously, Parents.  I know that we live in Hoboken and you probably work late, but are you that dumb that you don't know these basic facts of raising a child?  ESPECIALLY when you have multiple?!  You decided to have these kids.  I raise your kids.  It's not that hard.  I tell you what to do.  You do it.  It's that simple.  Follow my directions and your kid will turn out nicely.  Continue down your path and your kids will turn out to be the smelly cavity filled teeth kid.  Not kidding.