Tuesday, August 20, 2013


One time(I'm sure it was many times, but this time in particular), I  was really pissed at my family.  Not only did they suck huge monkey balls, but that day, they decided to NOT walk their dog.  So, what was all over the floor when I walked in that morning?  Yep, dog shit everywhere.  Two piles, which meant that they didn't feel like taking the thing out the night before and that morning.  I was disgusted and PISSED.  The mom left for the day, the dad was rarely home(the wall street dude) and it was just me and the one kid.  Who was a baby and crawled and put everything in her mouth!  

So, since I was the mom/dad, housekeeper, nanny, butler, dog walker, grandma, grandpa, and everything else in between, I ruled the house.  My way or the highway. I was doing some of the FAMILY laundry and decided to pick up the dog crap with the father's clean underwear and put the poop in the toilet.  I went on my merry way and put the now dirty underwear in the father's clean drawer.  So, he wore "clean" underwear with dog poop on it.  HA!  In your face, cheap rich dad!  

What do you think of THAT?!?!

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this is great!!!!