Tuesday, August 20, 2013


I can't help but laugh everytime I walk into a new apartment and see the Organic items that people choose to buy for their kids.  Come on, organic pasta?  And don't even get me started on organic diapers.  I get it, it's the new fad.  But I can't take seriously the families who are all "my kid eats organic french fries and pancakes" and other random foods.  If you choose to be "organic" then stop being faux and buy everything organic!  And better yet, make sure your kid doesn't eat at restaurants that aren't organic because then what's the point?  Or how about the parents that become organic when their kid starts to eat table food?  Did they drink organic formula?  Or Moms, if you breastfeed, is your entire diet organic?  Your answer is most likely "no" to all of these questions. And to top it off!...once your kid knows how awesome MickeyD's is, they are going to eat all of the Big Mac's in the world.  Eating organic is not proven to be better.  Start your kids off eating healthy.  Go organic if everything will be organic.  If you are a half organic family, you should be laughing at yourselves!  

If you and your family only eat SOME organic food, why? 

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