Saturday, December 7, 2013

Sitter Stories

This email comes from a once-upon-a-time Babysitter named Jamie:

"I'm no longer a Babysitter but here's a story from when I was.  I was Babysitting for a family in the city who were pretty well off.  Nice apartment, nice cars, nice clothes.  The first time I Babysat for them, the Mom said to me "we don't have much in the house, but feel free to eat what you find for dinner."  I looked in the cabinets and there was n-o-t-h-i-n-g to eat.  I came after the kids ate so I'm not sure what they ate for dinner.  I couldn't afford to order in so I just waited hours until they came home so that I could go home to eat.  They never left money for me to get anything but it would have been nice to be surprised with that once in awhile."

Jamie, I feel your pain and have been in your situation.  It's nice to get $10 to order in dinner while you watch their kids.  The Mom didn't have to say what she said because that was a kick in the gut.  Parents, treat your Sitter right.