Friday, November 15, 2013


The Dogwalker

Man's best friend.  Your pup and it's dogwalker.  The person comes everyday and walks your number 1.5 in your life.  Or maybe the pup is your number 1 and your kids are 1.5.  Anyway.  Your dogwalker is also your employee.  You can't forget about the person who makes sure your dog doesn't pee or poop all over your floor or mink coat, or Tory Burch shoes while you're at work.  

So.  What to give?  

A dogwalker's holiday bonus is one week's pay. 

If there are a couple of different people who walk your dog, then split it, $50 a person.  But that all depends on how often each person is there.  

Don't forget to thank him or her in a card as well.  The card doesn't have to be as mushy as your card to your Nanny or Sitter because afterall, you probably never see your dogwalker.  But they are still a part of your puppy's life.

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