Tuesday, November 12, 2013

2013 Bonus Series

The Babysitter: Often or Occasional

Many families in Hoboken have a Babysitter.  Whether it is for after the Nanny leaves for the day or for a family with a child in daycare or school, and even when a stay-at-home Parent needs time away from the kid. Most Parents wouldn't be able to do anything without their Sitter.  So, they should not be forgotten at holiday time.  You may see your Babysitter once or a few times a week.  You may see your Sitter a few times a month, but that doesn't mean you can forget the holiday gift.  Does your Sitter love your kids? Is he/she reliable? Then, yes, you need to give a gift.

First, write a card. The same type of card as you would a Nanny(see below.) 

Second, the monetary amount should be, in my opinion, at least $100. Feel free to give more if you really love your Sitter.  What the Today Show said in my notes from 2009 was "at least one night's pay." But do NOT think it is acceptable to go out the night you give a gift and it be a cheap night. Say if you go out for 2 hours.  No.  That's like a slap in the face.  If you appreciate your Sitter(s) then show it.  If you have multiple sitters, well, you should give everyone a nice tip.

And third, give a gift card to their favorite coffee shop/somewhere else they would enjoy. We have 3 Starbucks and 3 Dunkin Donuts in town.  Surely the Sitters would love a gift card to get a cup of coffee so they can stay awake to watch your brats. 

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Rach said...

Thank you for the great advice. This is definitely needed for this time of year!!!