Friday, November 15, 2013

My Mouth Dropped Wide Open

I was at Church Square Park earlier.  This other Nanny and I were talking and she asked me what to do about negotiating pay for a new child.  Before giving my advice, I asked her what she wanted to do. She told me that she's going to ask for double.  I asked her to say it again.  She said double.  I said "as in double per hour?  So, say you make $15, you're going to ask for $30 per hour?"  She said yes.  And my mouth dropped.  I told her good luck and I moved on.  

While, yes, Nannies should be making that amount.  Honey girl, no one will ever pay you $30 per hour here.  This is not NYC.  This is Hoboken.  While we were 1 mile away from NYC.  This is Hoboken.  

Does ANYONE, I mean ANYONE that is a child Caregiver make more than $25 per hour in this town?  

If you do, I want to hear from you.  

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