Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Baby Nurse vs. Nanny

I'm feeling a little nostalgic today.  

I was thinking back to when the baby was born.  The family had a baby nurse for the first child, so naturally, the second child also had a baby nurse.  So, here we were.  A mom home, a dad home for 2 weeks, a baby nurse for 2 weeks, and me.  Why?  I can say with so much confidence that those were the worst 2 weeks of my life.  It was basically me vs. the baby nurse who had zero experience with older kids but thought she was the sh*t with newborns.  Uhh, I would have to say "you're wrong."  The parents of my family absolutely loved this woman.  I still don't see why.  

First of all, parents, you have an amazing NANNY(me).  Second, did you even realize that the baby "nurse" isn't even a certified nurse?  Therefore, why didn't you pay me $2,000 to wake up and feed the baby? Because I certainly would have done it.  But because she was called a "nurse" it made you think that she was some high almighty who did wonders to your kid.  Again, I'd have to say "you're wrong." 

 A baby nurse does nothing compared to a Nanny.  Some people try to justify paying so much money by thinking she puts a newborn on a schedule.  Nope, she doesn't.  She feeds on demand and let's be real, a newborn has NO schedule.  

Parents, so next time you decide to hire a baby "nurse" when you have a Nanny, ask your Nanny if she'd be interested in doing it and getting the money.  I am sure she would say yes.  And if she doesn't want to, hire the baby "nurse" and give your Nanny off for the two weeks.  

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