Tuesday, September 24, 2013


When your Nanny comes to your apartment in the morning, it is time for you to leave.  No, I don't want you sticking around because you don't want to go to work.  Yes, your child is a complete disaster brat when you're around.  Yes, I would have stayed home a bit longer if I knew you weren't leaving.  

Come on people.  I know you don't realize it, but Parents, when you're around, your child is a completely different person.  Which makes my job so much more difficult.  They know that if they cry about dropping a toy, you will immediately pick them up and comfort them.  They know that if they don't want to eat something you won't make them.  Whereas I would not pick up your child if they dropped a toy and I would make them eat what they don't want to because I know that they in fact do like that food.  

When I get to your house in the morning, please please please leave.  I don't want you to help me give the kids breakfast, I just want you to leave so I can go about my way of doing things.  You are not helpful, but in fact, you make things worse.  

If you want to stay and hang out, then please tell me to come later.  And if you decide to ambush me and just stay home for the day, please tell me to have the day off.  Having parents around makes my job suck and then I hate it and then I won't want to work.  

The end.  

Parents, go to work when I come to work.  

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