Saturday, September 28, 2013


So here I was, covering for a friend of mine to babysit for the family that she Nannies for.  The kids were great and easy to bed.  The parents left me money for dinner which was AWESOME.  (If you aren't doing that, make sure you start doing that because it is very much appreciated!)
I took a nice little nap while watching TV.  That was also very nice.

And then BAM.  The parents came home and didn't have enough money to pay me for the night. 

Uhhhhhhhhhhhh WHAT? 

How do you idiot parents not have enough money to pay me at the end of doing my job when you know that I am there watching your kids?  WHY? I mean, seriously?  As if I'm not already tired enough, you need to go on and tell me how you were surrounded in the city by ATM's and just couldn't get to one of the million ATM's in Manhattan...and even HOBOKEN!  

Take away of this story:  Have enough cash to pay your babysitter.  Checks are unacceptable.  Babysitters want cash.  Stop being lazy and go to an ATM.  You're rich.  We know you have money.  

By the way, thanks for dinner.

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