Friday, August 16, 2013


The (Church Square) Park Bench Nannies

Every.Single.Day when I take my charge to Church Square Park, I cringe that I have to walk past the same park bench nannies.  Oh, you don't know what a "Park Bench Nanny" is?  It's your Nanny who is too fat and too lazy to take your kid out of their stroller and actually play with them.  Wait, parents pay their nanny to actually interact, right?  You mean, Nannies aren't getting paid to sit on a park bench and speak their native tongue on the phone???

Nannies, why is it so damn difficult for you to go to Church Square Park and chase around your charges?  I do it. And I absolutely love seeing how happy my charge is! 

The sad thing is...these kids that I walk past, aren't even crying because they are so used to sitting in their stroller in the park.  Do you have any idea how much they would LOVE to go on a swing?  Or what about go down a slide?

It breaks my heart to see these kids sitting in the stroller while their lazy nannies are talking about God knows what, instead of interacting with the children they are supposed to be taking great care of.  

I'm sad for you, parents.

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Another Hoboken Nanny said...

These nannies are the worst. They sit and do nothing all day. I go there multiple times a day and see the same ones sitting there with the kids. The only time I ever see the kids out of the stroller is if a parent is with them!