Friday, August 16, 2013


God.  Just thinking about this woman makes me annoyed.  

Many moons, 8 years ago, I was nannying for what seemed to be this really nice family.  Um, yeah.  Weeks go by and I started to get phone calls from the MMM(micro manage mama).  Telling me what to do, where to go, what to eat, how to eat, blah blah blah.  I mean, come on woman, I've been a Nanny for years.  I know how to cook some veggies and I know that kids have to eat the veggies.  I know where to go in Hoboken and which parks are good. It got very annoying, very fast.  Maybe she didn't trust me?  Maybe she thought that I wasn't a good Nanny despite talking to 3 references(all glowing, BTW!)  Who knows.  All I'm saying is, it sucked and I'm sure a working parent would not want their boss in the corporate world to act like that. 

So, Parents, I know it's hard to let another adult take care of your kid(s), but give us Nannies some credit.  We know what we're doing.  We have raised far more kids than you.  Being a Nanny isn't just a person who watches your kids.  Being a Nanny is just like you...except we didn't conceive your kid.  We just love them and take care of them.   A MMM is an awful awful person.  I can't tell if a MMM is better or worse than hell?  It's fine to talk to your Nanny, but don't tell your Nanny what to do. Try not to be a MMM.  It will NOT go over well with your awesome Nanny!

And when I say "we" for us Nannies, I really mean "Me."  Only kidding.  But most of the HobokeNannies.  Some are just awful.

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that nanny said...

I've been in a situation like this and it never turns out well. It's as if the parents have zero trust in me. I only stayed with the family for a year.