Thursday, December 5, 2013

Sitter Stories

This email comes from a Hoboken Babysitter named Melanie.  

"It really bothers me when a Parent tells me what time they are coming home. A lot of times they say they will be home at X and then come home an hour or two earlier.  Then, the Parents don't pay me for the original said time.  I rely on any money that I make for bills.  Don't you think that Parents either shouldn't say a return time or if they do, they need to pay until that time?"

Melanie, Yes.  Yes, they should be paying until the time they said they would return.  I always find it disgusting when Parents do things like this.  Come on, Parents, don't you want to keep your caregiver happy?  What's an extra $30-$40 to you?  But, Melanie, do you say anything about it?  If you do, you probably don't hear back from them.  If you don't, then you probably do Babysit a lot for them and it continues to occur.  It's one of those problems that us Nannies/Babysitters face.  I just think that the Parents need to pay and everyone will be happy.  

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