Thursday, December 5, 2013

Sitter Stories

Ok, whew.  This one comes from an Anonymous Sitter.  I was laughing hysterically!

"I have been Babysitting for one family for over 7 years now in Hoboken.  The Parents are divorced.  The Mom is a little less involved than the Dad, but still has her days with the kids.  One time when I was there, the Mom went out for the night with her new boytoy.  The kids ran into her room/bathroom to brush their teeth.  As I walked in to help the younger one, I noticed that all over the floor were sex toys and condoms.  I was so disgusted!  I wanted to ask why the Mom kept these things out where her kids could see them but I didn't."

Anonymous Sitter, I love this.  You are a trooper! 

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