Monday, November 11, 2013

Seen on Washington

The boys and I were walking on Washington, going home from a class.  And right before my eyes I saw a little boy(not who I watch) jet out right into the street.  I almost choked at the sight of it and I put the brake on the stroller and ran after him.  Wouldn't you know, his lazy ass Nanny BARELY ran after him.  I didn't catch the little boy's name or the Nanny's name, but I wish the cops were around.  The Nanny had the balls to yell at the boy for running into the street.  No, Nanny, how about I yell at you(which I did) for not holding the boy's hand.  Damn, I hate irresponsible Nannies.  

The little boy was safe and the Nanny got her ass screamed at by me.  It was not a pretty sight.  Deep down I hope the Parents never find out about this because they would be so upset.  But they have every right to know that their Nanny sucks ass.

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