Wednesday, November 6, 2013


We were in Church Square Park this morning, as usual, and I saw this woman with brown curly hair and her son.  He was playing in the area close to 4th Street.  He was getting bored, so the Mom opened the gate and out ran the boy.  He was probably 4 years old, but a very tall 4 year old.  So without warning, the Mom ran after him and put him in his stroller.  

Sidenote: why does a 4 year old still sit in a stroller?  How lazy can you make a kid?  As soon as the kid is capable of walking without stopping and getting tired, ditch the stroller.  

Anyway, of course, the kid started to cry.  Does anyone know why he started to cry?  Because the Mom decided to discipline him for something that he didn't know he did wrong. 

Here's how the situation should have gone down:  The Mom notices the kid is bored.  The Mom should say "Honey, would you like to go to another area?"  The kid says "yes" and the Mom says "Ok, but you need to hold my hand as we walk to another area and if you don't listen, we are going home."

Is it that difficult?  

Sometimes I see both Parents and Nannies discipline a child for something that they don't know his wrong.  Explain the situation and give a consequence.  Not difficult, people.  Why would you want to deal with crying in the middle of Church Square when all you had to do was communicate.  Dummies!

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