Tuesday, October 8, 2013


I absolutely cannot stand when neighbors get in my biz.  We live in a community where we live on top of each other.  That's Hoboken.  Especially the building that I work in, it's kind of like Maxwell Place, but it's not Maxwell Place.  It's a huge apartment building where everyone knows everyone and if your baby is crying, then the neighbors on all angle's know.  

I have ears for crying.  I don't jump the second the baby bumps his head. I sleep train by letting him cry.  If he cries it's because he is hungry, teething, or cranky.  Otherwise, he's a very happy baby.  

Insert annoying as hell neighbors.  The neighbor mother is a SAHM and hears a pin drop.  I am a wonderful Nanny and have nothing to hide.  Lately, the parents that I work with have been telling me how their neighbor makes comments about the kids under my care.  "Oh he was really loud today" or "I heard jumping."  Uhh, yeah, they are kids, idiot.  I dance with the boys while we listen to music and sing together.  But, also, they are kids.  What do you expect?  I don't use pacifiers, I let the baby cry.  

This makes me think of one thing: do the parents that I Nanny for ask their neighbor to keep an ear out?  

Parents, have you done this?  Email me at HobokeNannySpy@gmail.com or comment below!  

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