Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Confessions of a Nanny
Part I don't remember

A child's development is my biggest concern.  I spend 50 hours a week with your children.  The least that you people can do is notice how well your children have done over the years.  I have taught them to sleep well, eat well, and now talk and read well, yet you have the balls to try to compare what I've done versus what you've done.  This is not a competition of who teaches what.  We are a team.  I don't care if you taught your kids to say thank you.  WE taught your kids to say thank you.  I also don't care if you took your kids to Pier A to kick a ball.  

Your competition contest makes you look weak and unstable.  Save it.


Anonymous said...

It seems you have a very high regard for yourself but failed to notice that it's the parents not you that have the right to get that praise. I would never want a nanny like you. You sound miserable.

Hoboken Nanny said...

Now now now, negatudes are unnecessary. However, yes, I have a very high regard with myself since every child that I've nannied for learns a lot and are always ahead on their milestones. I love my job. And when you love your job, you treat it with lots of pride. Sure, parents should get praise, but the parents work long hours. So, when they see their kids for an hour at night and on the weekends(sometimes), I enjoy when kids learn from me. I encourage the parents to continue the things that I teach.

Anonymous said...

You are a joke. I hope your employers see this blog and see how highly you regard them.

chacha said...


i hope you aren't a nanny bc you just don't get it. i am a nanny and agree with hoboken nanny