Monday, August 19, 2013


The cell phone debate irks me in many ways. God, it's just a phone.  But it's our life now.  Which brings me to...the CELL PHONE NANNY!  (clap clap clap)  Being at a few parks on a daily basis, I see The Cell Phone Nannies everywhere.  They usually are not American(but hey, maybe I'm not either?!)  and usually speak everything but English. I find that the kids of these obnoxious Nannies are not as verbal as say...the kids I watch.  That's because I speak English and talk to my kids like an adult.(Let's not even get into adults talking to kids in "baby" talk.)  But seriously, why are there so many Nannies here that do not talk to their charges?  I see the same Nannies constantly on their phones or blue teeth(like that one?) and just talk talk talk.  What the hell can someone talk about for so long?  And parents, do you even know that your Nanny sucks and is always on the phone??  Only if you have a Nanny cam I guess.  

Nannies!  Get off the phone!  Interact with your kid for once!  Sing to them while you're walking down Washington Street, say the color of the cars, do something other than be on your phone for God's sake!!  And parents, I can say the same about you but most of you interact more than your Nanny does.  

You suck, goodbye.

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