Thursday, August 22, 2013

Leave Me Money for Dinner!!

I stayed late with the runts tonight while the parents went on a hot date.  I get really peeved when there's nothing to make myself for dinner.  I mean, I'm there all day where I bring my breakfast, lunch, and some snacks, but I expect to be given money for dinner if I'm working a long ass day.  Why shouldn't you treat me to dinner once in a while?  Am I wrong to expect this?  Here I am, slaving after your kids all day while you gallivant around TriBeCa, and you expect me to eat what for dinner?  Giving me $10 for dinner means a lot.  I'm not a millionaire and you clearly have nothing in your house, otherwise you wouldn't go out so much. 

Parents, it's the little things that make Nannies(and Babysitters!) happy.  If you leave a note saying "here's $10(or $20 if you want to help include tip), buy yourself dinner tonight"...we would feel so appreciated.  I won't use the whole $20 and the change is yours.  A little thoughtful tip from the HobokeNanny.  Make us smile!

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