Thursday, August 22, 2013

Dinner Dilemma

Everyday, I feed my charges dinner.  I always find it weird because the parents don't get home at a late hour.  I leave work at 5:30pm.  How come around the NYC area, many parents choose not to eat dinner at home with their kids?

Growing up, regardless of when my parents got home, we always ate as a family.  If we had to wait until my dad got home at 7pm, well, we waited.  We would have a snack of fruit or veggies and then did homework or watched a TV show while we waited.  

Which brings me to ask why do parents ask their Nanny to give the kids an early dinner?  Is it because the parents don't want to cook?  Because that's what it seems to me.  But then again, with prepared foods being such a hit in Hoboken, what's so hard about warming something up and eating as a family?  If a parent ever wonders why their kids don't want to talk about what goes on in school or if there's a social problem, you should think that maybe the Nanny knows about since that's who your kids have dinner with.  Parents, take the time, order a pizza, and eat as a family.  Everyone will absolutely love it.  And PS- leave your phone where it won't be a distraction.  Dinner time should be family time.  Every second of it!

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