Saturday, November 2, 2013

Halloween Sightings

I really had a wonderful time with my charges on Halloween.  They were so adorable in their costumes.  I took them to the parade and we did some trick-or-treating on Washington before the Parents came to meet us and they continued through the evening.  Washington was full of adorable ghouls and really couldn't have been anymore crowded.  Nonetheless, it was Halloween!  

Let me go over things I saw:

-Lots of Nannies taking their charges trick-or-treating

-Lots of Nannies being slaves and pushing strollers while Parents take the kids trick-or-treating.  Really, Parents?  Let your Nanny leave early. 

-Parents unable to handle their children

-The parade sucked.  Seriously.  Two floats?  Lame.

-Awful candy given out on Washington.  Cheapskate stores.  

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Ms. G said...

Your best bet is to take them between 7th n 12th Bloomfield the ppl there r so nice