Sunday, October 13, 2013

Mother of the Year

I want to give this very prestigious award to a fantastic Mom of Hoboken.  

She is African American with two kids: a boy who is about 7 years old, and a girl who is about 5 years old. 

Mom, you absolutely suck and deserve to be locked up in jail and have your kids raised by wolves, who would probably be a better parent than you.  

Story:  I saw this woman walking on Washington Street.  The kids were playing a game and running ahead.  This awesome mom was on her phone, barely screaming ahead so the kids would stop.  Finally, after about 4 minutes and still walking slow, the mom gets off her phone and every other word out of her mouth was the f bomb.  "Why these f'in kids always f'in runnin the f ahead...blah blah blah."  So, she finally catches up to her kids.  And she grabs them and starts yelling at them, still with the f word.  Really.  She was cursing like no other at her kids.  I wish a cop was around to cuff her and test her for drugs because it was ridiculously disgusting how she was talking to her kids.  I felt so sad for the kids who had to be surrounded by their mother and her mouth.  Truly a disgusting woman.

Thank you, psycho.  You are the best mom in all of Hoboken!

Also, I hope you aren't a Nanny.  Because I would love to see you talk to another kid like that.  

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