Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Why Family Members Suck

 Sometimes I have to deal with family members who come and visit the family that I Nanny.  Whether it's Aunt's and Uncle's or Grandparents, I don't really care to deal with them because then I feel like I become a slave instead of a Nanny.  Picking up coffee cups and glasses left on the table.  It's really not my job.  Why else do I find them annoying?  Because I hear things like "Oh yeah, she(the Mom) will be potty training X soon."  

Did you just say that the "Mom" will be potty training her kid?  In reality, did you mean that me, the "Nanny" will be potty training her kid?  Because that's what I thought you said.  

Do family members really think that the Parents raise their kids?  
Let's take a look.  

Parents have a Nanny(me) because they chose to have a Nanny while they work 50+ hours a week.  So, by the time the Parents get home, they put the kids to bed.  I feed them dinner, I give them a bath, I get them ready for bed.   

Tell me how are the Parents raising their kids?  

It's about time that Parents fess up and say who really does the potty training.  Because it sure as hell isn't them!

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Anonymous said...

I'm curious, do you have kids of your own?