Sunday, November 10, 2013

Ok, I still can't get through my head what happened yesterday.  I was walking up Washington.  Naturally, lots of tantrums because Parents don't know how to handle their kids.  One kid in particular didn't want to wear his coat.  He was in tears.  While normally I would say "who cares," this time I wouldn't.  But then if you don't make your kid wear his coat, then when it's 20 degrees, he'll pull the same crap.  So, sorry kid, Hoboken Nanny says you wear the coat.  

But that wasn't the bad part.  

Get ready for this one...

There was a family of 4.  One kid who was about 5 years old, another was about 1 in a stroller.  While the Parents were looking at a menu in the window of a restaurant, they were paying no attention to the 1 year old.  So what happened you ask?  The 1 year old decided to lean out of the stroller and I kid you not, FELL OUT RIGHT ON HIS HEAD.   Like are you f'ing kidding me?  I ran right over to help, but he was "fine."  So on my way I went.  But seriously, Parents!!!  What is wrong with you!  You always keep an eye on your kid in a stroller!!!

But this brings up some thoughts in my head.  If a Nanny were with the kid at the time of that happening, the Nanny would be arrested for negligence.  But somehow, when a Parent fails, it's written off as "it's their kid, they can do what they want."  No...those Parents failed to watch the safety of their children.  THEY should be arrested.  

What do you think of this?  

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