Sunday, October 20, 2013

Paying Your Caregiver What They Deserve

I know that a lot of my posts are about money and that might make me seem greedy, but really, I'm not.  I just think about this subject a lot.  I come across a lot of Nannies(as you know) and I always wonder if the next Nanny makes more than me.  Any normal human being thinks about this topic.  In the corporate world, Parents, would you want to be paid more or less than the same person doing the same job?  I can guarantee that 100% of you would say "more." Especially if you have more qualifications like a higher degree or more experience.

We live 1 mile from the greatest city in the world.  Manhattan(along with San Fran) has the highest Nanny/Babysitting rates. So, naturally, Hoboken comes to a close second with those rates.  So, why are Parents so hesitant to paying your Nanny/Babysitter the rate that we deserve?  I totally get it if your caregiver doesn't have much experience, therefore, you shouldn't pay them high to start.  But if your Nanny comes with a resume and fantastic references, why not pay what they ask?  

Many moons ago when I decided to be a Nanny, I had experience.  Not nearly what I have now, but I had enough.  I would say more experience than a first time parent.  Now I am a veteran Nanny.  When I would meet families back then, sometimes I wouldn't hear back from them.  A few families actually told me because my rate was too high.  And the best part was, one of those families asked me to be their date night sitter!  My rate was okay then.  But too high to be their Nanny.  

My thoughts on this are: if you want a Nanny who is 150% into being a Nanny and loves their job, pay her like she should be paid.  A Nanny isn't just a slave because she works in your home.  If a Nanny has loads of experience and can supply a reference at any given time, you know you nabbed a good one.  Pay her like a great one.  If she has the experience in raising a child, knows how to deal with special needs, food issues, has CPR and first aid certifications, all of those have taken her time and money.  If she doesn't have a college degree, that's ok.  If she does, that's amazing.  Pay her because she has one.  A Nanny job isn't a BS job.  It's my job that I love.  I'm tired of not being paid up to date wages just because I don't work in the corporate field.

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