Sunday, October 27, 2013

Confessions of a Nanny

This one Mom that I Nannied for was one of the coldest people that I've ever met.  She was physically unable to talk about certain topics and would get unbelievably psycho.  Like, if I knew of a day off way in advance, she would ignore me.  I'm talking like 10 months in advance.  I guess it was weird for me to even bring it up that far in advance considering I may quit by then.  You just never know.  But, after working with her for a few months, I realized that is who she was.  She always spoke so highly of me, but her actions didn't.  I enjoyed the kids, but I was never fully comfortable around her.  I enjoyed when she left for the day because I wouldn't have to tip toe around a topic.  I ENJOYED working with her through a notebook.  The Mom never became a "friend" despite her trying, but whenever I would communicate certain things, she would push me away.  My favorite part of this woman...she always told me that I was family.  But in my family, we don't treat people that way.  Maybe in hers.  

So here's my confession: I don't care for families that don't treat me like family.  If I need a day off, don't ignore me.  Instead, tell me that's fine and you'll make it work.  And to families that tell me that I'm part of the family, please don't tell me that.  Just treat me like it.  

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