Thursday, October 24, 2013

Comparing Nannies in Hoboken

Great Nannies:
Love coming to work
Love making an impact on their charges
Love doing activites instead of watching TV
Make sure their charges hit milestones
Can answer any question about the day
Encourage art(coloring, music, painting)
Make delicious, healthy meals

Bad Nannies:
Sit on a park bench
Don't engage their charges
Don't diversify their charges in every aspect
Don't have fun
Wait for the free city lunch

Which are you?


Anonymous said...

I've noticed that you mention west indian nannies a lot in your negative posts, do you think all west indian nannies are bad nannies?

Hoboken Nanny said...

I think I wrote once about them. And asking if I think all West Indian Nannies are bad is like directly asking if every Park Bench Nanny in Church Square park is African American.

I know of a really fantastic West Indian Nanny. But the ones who I wrote about and sit and do nothing are pretty awful. I also know firsthand of a few West Indian Nannies that have lied to the Parents faces. So just like everything in life, there are great and awful.