Monday, September 9, 2013

The Dog Walking Nanny

As I think back to my time as the Nanny in the Absent Parents family, I wonder how many other Nannies are asked to randomly take care of a pet.  Or let's say, how many Nannies are blindsided into taking care of a pet.  Because that's what happened to me.  Let's get it straight.  I am NOT a dog walker.  I am a Nanny and I do not ever want to take care of your animals.  Have a fish?  Fine, I'll feed it.  But do not ever expect me to take your dog for a walk and not compensate me for it.  A dog walk in Hoboken is $15 per walk.  If that's something that a family wants me to do, please expect to pay me $15 extra to walk your animal.  I think that's fair.  What do you think?

And I love when a family has said to me "Don't worry about the dog.  There are wee wee pads for the dog to go on."  Uhhh what?  You let your dog pee and poop on a wee wee pad with a baby that crawls on the floor?  Come on people!  Stop being so cheap and get a dog walker multiple times a day!  That is just rank and unsanitary!  And I have to work in these apartments!

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nanny said...

i told the parents that i wouldn't touch the dog. and they continued to ask me to walk it.