Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Confessions of a Nanny
Part VI

Working with parents who have no idea how to raise a kid gets so old so fast.  How do people honestly not know what's right and wrong?  Anyway.  A few years ago, I was a Nanny for first time parents.  Ok, I thought it was going to be easy.  New parents.  Not knowing much.  Fine, whatever.  

But as the baby got older, the parents became more complicated to deal with.  Why is the baby waking up in the middle of the night?  Why isn't he walking yet?  Why won't he eat a lot?  Or the best was when I kept telling them how their son is at the age where he can eat everything that they eat.  I kept telling them how they should be having family dinner at this point.  And so a few months after, the dad said "I was reading a baby book and it says that he should be eating what we eat."  Uhhhh can you not hear??

I get very pissed when parents don't listen.  I literally want to shake parents and be like W-T-F.

I confess, I think that parents who don't listen to their Nanny are dumb.  Us Nannies know what we are talking about.

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