Friday, August 30, 2013

The Potty Training Diaries

I'm not going to start with my past stories of potty training...I'll get to those in a different post.  I HAVE to talk about what I saw today at Shop Rite tonight.  

Oh my GOD!  So here I am walking around the different aisle's to see what I need.  I'm walking in the back looking at meats.  What do I see?  A mom letting her daughter pee right in the middle of the aisle on a Potette.  I'm not even kidding.  Not to mention that this is completely unsanitary, but to let her daughter pee in the middle of a grocery store shows that she has no control over her daughter.  There is a bathroom in the store, literally right down an aisle next to the pharmacy.  As the Hoboken Nanny, I almost screamed at the mother.  She should have ran to the bathroom and plopped her daughter on the toilet.  Let alone this girl looked at least 5 years old and most certainly was not potty training, but you never know. 

Nannies and Parents, if you're potty training, run to the closest bathroom.  Do NOT let your kid piss in the middle of a grocery store even if you have a portable potty.  Not only is disgusting but it's not I'm sure everyone knows except this mother!  

 My only exception of letting your kid pee anywhere is if it's a boy and you're at the park.  He can pee in a bush. 

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