Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Out of Control Child

Everyone has seen it.  The child that both parents and Nannies cannot control.  He knows that he has the upper hand in every situation, but as an onlooker, you can't help but stare and shake your head.  Parents, it could be your kid, or a friends kid.  But let me tell you, everyone knows this kid.  No, I'm not talking about anyone specific, but it's the kid that you don't like your kids hanging out with because his manners are God awful and if he doesn't get what he wants, the lives of anyone surrounding are miserable.  

Why does this happen?  Well, let's take a look see.  The kid probably has two working parents who rarely see him.  If he has a Nanny, she probably ignores him most of the time and isn't stern.  And if he doesn't have a Nanny and is in school, the only people he respects are his teachers.  

I have seen this firsthand and actually experienced a child like this.  By the end of my time with him, he was an angel with me.  He literally went from a crazy prick little boy to when I snapped my fingers, he was standing next to me, ready to leave Church Square.  Everyone has the ability to do what I do, but it has to be learned.  Not everyone can have such strict boundaries.  I know especially with parents, it's hard.  But try.  No one wants to be around the Out of Control Child.  No one wants to HAVE the OOCC.  Not even a Nanny who gets paids the big bucks!

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