Thursday, August 15, 2013



And be honest...!

Let's get real.  I've been in maaaaaany apartments in Hoboken and in Manhattan.  I've seen some cams and just pretended that they aren't there.  Why?  Because I'm the best f'ing Nanny in the world and I have nothing to worry about.  But do you parents think that?  If parents trust their nanny, why do you have nanny cams?  Obviously those parents have issues.  If a parent flat out told me that they had a nanny cam, I would NEVER work in their home.  It's just downright A-W-F-U-L working in a home of a stay at home mom, so why worry about being watched on a nanny cam?  Parents with nanny cams: Get a life!


New Mom said...

I have a nanny cam. Why shouldn't I? I want to make sure my baby is always well taken care of and never cries.

Daddy said...

We have a secret nanny cam and yes we look at it throughout the day. We trust our nanny but we miss our son.

mom in hoboken said...

we have nanny cams because we have had a gut feeling that things weren't going as planned..and once we checked the camera..we were proved right! I always tell the nannies I interview that we have a cam...and most professional nannies don't mind because they are confident that they are doing a great job and know that working parents care for their children and and like to see what is going on during the day. If you are a good nanny you shouldn't mind and if you do, I am suspicious you are doing something you aren't supposed to be doing! Also, in my experience, 2 busy working parents do not have enough hours in the day to watch cameras constantly. Usually just spot checking at the beginning of the relationship and once established, you don't feel the need to check as much if at all.

Hoboken Nanny said...

So why have a cam then? Here's my beef: I am a lot more fun when I know it's just me and the kids. I'm silly, I dance, I sing. I would NEVER act like that if a camera was always on and facing me. I'm not an actress, I'm a Nanny. Just because I don't want to work in a home with a nanny cam doesn't mean I'm doing something bad. And if that's what you automatically think, you shouldn't have a nanny. You need to trust your nanny and if you don't, find another one.